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Favorite Destination    Venice, Italy

Favorite Destinations in India    Rishikesh and McLeod ganj

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We are Ritu and Tarun, the peppy and smiling faces behind Travelpeppy blog. We are a couple born with a strong desire to travel around the world. We were born in India and now living in Bangkok, Thailand as our travel base. We have been traveling since 2011. We started our travel journey from small town of McLeod Ganj in Himalayan Region of India. Since then we have traveled extensively and are exploring best of Europe and Asia. Till now we have witnessed the beauty and charm of 11 countries. We wish to travel to more than 100 countries in the world by the age of 40.

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Why Travelpeppy Blog

Travelling is our Passion, Life and happiness. Through Travelpeppy not only we want to share our experience and travel stories but also we want to encourage all those people who wants to travel but can’t make it. We want to tell nothing can stop you and it is never too late to start your own travel journey. If you really want to explore the world than it doesn’t matter what’s your budget, your age, your status and your values, you can travel and live your dreams the way you want, Just take a step and live your dreams. When we tell our friends that we are again off for a new place to explore we often hear “oh, I wish I can also go”. We always say if we can go, than definitely you can also go. If you want something don’t make an excuse just set your priorities and leave without fear. Else you will regret. By our Travelpeppy blog we want to inspire new travelers and people with a dream of traveling. Once you will start living your life in your way you will experience immense peace in your mind. We believe it is not always easy but it is always worth it to give it a try. Start living a life which is perfect for you and bless yourself with it.

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