Singapore Best Garden - Gardens by the bay

Singapore’s Best Garden to visit – Gardens By The Bay

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Often called as Singapore Best Garden to visit, Gardens by the bay is one of the most spectacular garden we have seen. We always love to be in nature, surrounded with gardens and mountains. So here we are in this stunning techno garden theme park worth million dollars “Gardens by the Bay”.
super tree groves Gardens by the bay

It one of the most famous attraction of Singapore. The gardens by the bay is located just next to the Marina bay sands which is the heartbeat of country.
marina bay front

The garden opens from 5.00 am till 2.00 am and at each time of day the garden has something best to offer. Getting there is very comfortable due to its perfect location, we went there through taxi.
techno garden

Gardens by the bay is a huge park spread over 101 hectares in central Singapore. This theme park is divided into different sections according to the different themes.
ocdc skyway

Most of the garden is free to enjoy except the Flower dome, Cloud forest and OOBC desk of Supertree Groves which requires entry fees.
dome structure at garden

Flower dome Garden:

christmas theme

It is the world’s largest glass greenhouse. The concept is so unique and outstanding. The huge dome is filled with beautiful flowers and plants of Mediterranean and semi-arid regions. Cool and dry temperature is maintained inside the dome.
flower dome

World’s largest glass greenhouse
world’s largest glass greenhouse

Beautiful Flowers
world’s largest glass greenhouse flower dome

Tree of Mediterranean Region
plants of Mediterranean

When we visited the “flower dome” in December, at that time Christmas theme was arranged inside the dome. We were amazed to see artificial snow, Christmas trees, Nutcracker dancing models and ballerinas.

Christmas celebrations
artificial snow at flower dome

Dancing ballerinas
balleriana dancing dolls

Artificial snow
family trip to gardens by bay

Angels playing musical instruments
flower dome christmas theme

Dancing models
Nutcracker dancing model

Timings: 9.00 am- 9.00 pm daily
Indoor temperature: 23- 25 degree C

Cloud Forest Garden:

cloud forest waterfall

It is jaw dropping attraction featuring the plantation on mountain in a climate controlled dome. At the entry of cloud forest garden there is a waterfall coming out from a mountain.
waterfall at cloud forest

You will freshen up with the cool breeze and mist around the waterfall.
mountain vegitation
The cloud forest showcase the green vegetation on mountain with rare plants and flowers of tropical region.
cloud forest skywalk

The structure has a spiral walkway which starts from the top of the mountain from where you can have a complete view of the amazing combination of nature and technology.
Gardens by the bay cloud forest

Rainforest plants
plants of semi-arid regions

Timings: 9.00 am- 9.00 pm daily
Indoor temperature: 23- 25 degree C

Supertree Groves:

ocdc skyway view

One of the most impressive attraction of Gardens by the bay. This is an amazing vertical garden with tree like structures. These are free to visit but if you want a view from OCBC skyway you need to buy a ticket.
supertree groves

These supertrees are 25-50 meters tall. At supertree groves you can have a panorama view of whole garden from OCBC skyway connected with two supertrees.
ocdc skyway supertree grove
The best part is that this is one of the best place to take a breathtaking and picture perfect view of garden.
super tree

Timings: 9.00 am- 9.00 pm daily

Gardens by the bay has many more to offer to every age group. There are different gardens like:
flower dome singapore

Children’s Garden

children's garden

This has water play feature and also has educational programs for children. Best zone for families and children to play together and have fun.
Gardens by the bay children's garden

Heritage Garden

It has 4 different themed garden dedicated to the mixture of Singapore’s diverse culture. Explore the Indian, Chinese, Malay and Colonial Gardens here in Heritage Garden. You will learn how plants are related to culture and also know the fascinating stories behind them.
christmas tree

World of plants

This is a perfect combination of knowledge and nature. In world of plants, kids will learn the process of formation of plant from a seed, and how fruits & flowers are grown and cultivated. This will also be a new adventure to the different species of trees.
techno garden theme park
When you get tired walking in Gardens by the bay you can refresh in the restaurants inside the premises. There are lot more to do in Gardens by the bay Singapore, so don’t forget to put it on the top of your list to see in Singapore. These gardens are ideal for every age groups. These are easily walk able and for elderly they even have golf cart shuttles for transfer to different gardens
Garden singapore

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22 Responses

  1. Sherab Tenzin

    You have captured the place wonderfully. And can’t agree more for it being a recommended place to visit in Singapore for tourists.

  2. Brian

    When I think of Singapore, I don’t think of gardens. I tend to think of the Pearl Jam song “Garden.” Your post does an excellent job of highlighting greenspace in a concrete jungle. “Green” is an REM cd!

  3. Jitaditya Narzary

    Wonderful place. It is amazing to see uch a small country maintaining so many spacious attractions. Especially like the idea of cloud forestgarden.

  4. Stefano

    This post is going to be very useful for me, since in two weeks I’ll be in Singapore for a 48 stopover and I was planning to see these gardens. I was wondering: do you know how to get there with public transportation? I mean by bus or metro 🙂 thank you in advance

  5. Indrani

    Those super trees are a beautiful idea, they sure have boosted Singapore’s image in map of tourism. Think of Singapre and these structures come to mind, earlier it was merlion!

  6. Ivana

    I’m going to Singapore on February and I can’t wait to see the gardens. It seems such a surreal place. Will look at your instagram pictures now 😀

  7. Brown Gal Trekker

    That’s a good place to spend a layover in Singapore. I didn’t hit this place when I was there. I was more focused on food 🙂

  8. Abhinav Singh

    Just today I was talking to a friend who told me that flights to Singapore are cheap from India. That had me searching for blogs on Singapore and I stumbled upon this blog. Your blog sure makes Singapore look like even more appealing. I hope to make it here soon. Always good to know an Indian perspective.

  9. Tatum Skipper

    Omg I’ve heard so much about this place! Reminds me of the Joshua Tree’s! My friend and I plan on visiting Singapore this year so we will definitely be making a stop! Have you ever been to the Dubai Miracle Garden? It’s pretty spectacular too!

  10. Jure

    Love how the cloud forest looks! On the other hand the flower garden is a bit cheesy for my taste 🙂

  11. Sudipto

    This looks such a beautiful place to visit. How much are the charges for entry? Are there places nearby to eat??

  12. Wanderlust Vegans

    Gardens by the bay has to be the most incredible garden I’ve ever seen. I can see why it is one of the most popular destinations in Singapore. I had never heard of it before but it makes me want to check out Singapore even more.

  13. Kristina

    It’s crazy to me that a garden is open until two in the morning! But I guess with so much to do, it’s good that it is. Your photos are absoloutely gorgeous, so bright and colorful!

  14. neha

    I have never taken a virtual tour through the interiors of Garden by the Bay. It’s so beautiful. I am not going to miss it when I make a trip to Singapore. You say it opens from 5.00 am till 2.00 am , do you mean 5.00pm till 2.00 am?

    • Travelpeppy

      All outdoor gardens are open from 5 AM till 2 AM while the ticketed ones have their own timings as mentioned. It is worth going there during trip to Singapore 🙂

  15. Dane

    This place looks amazing! It does not even look real! Really beautiful photos also! It actually kind of makes me thing of Jurassic Park haha

  16. Carrie @ Two Small Potatoes

    Wow, I’ve seen lots of photos of this attraction on various Instagram accounts, but I didn’t realize how big it is or that it has so many different sections to it. My favorite is the Cloud Forest Garden. It looks like the Montaña Mágica Lodge in Chile!

  17. Anthony

    I really like a great walk in a garden and Gardens by the bay looks unbelievable, epic scenery and stunning views. Singapore really do things well. Great post even better pictures.

  18. Joe

    Wow, what a lovely and diverse garden! It’s almost like visiting several different beautiful ecozones in one place, with lots of lush plantlife. It’s great that it opens till 2am too – I bet it looks spectacular at night 🙂

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