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Monschau : The Beautiful village of Eifel Area

Monschau is a historical town in the west of Germany, located in the district Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia. The town is located in the Eifel mountain range, in the Valley of Ruhr River.
Monschau Germany

Rahr River Monschau

Monschau is a small resort town not far away from the Belgian-German border. This small town is very picturesque.
Small Bridge on River Ruhr

The whole setting makes it one of the most beautiful town in the Rhineland Region.
Travelpeppy Monschau

The whole town is dedicated to tourism. Streets here are full of hotels, restaurants, small cafes and souvenir shops.
Beautiful Shops in Monschau

Beautiful village near Belgium
The town is small enough to be strolled on foot. There are maps available at the tourist center
Petite Restaurant

Monschau is often called as the “Gem of the Eifel region”.
Gem of Eifel region
View of Ruhr Monschau

The town does not have distinctive individual attractions but the charm are its narrow streets lined with half-timbered houses along with the river ruhr flowing in the town.
Square Monschau
Monschau Travelpeppy

Attractions of Monschau

But there are few attractions which you should definitely cover in this village.
First to mention is the clock tower situated on the opposite side of bridge.
Clock Tower

Just next to clock tower there is a famous architecture known as Red house.
Red House Monschau

It is obvious that Rotes Haus or Red House took its name from red bricks on the building which looks beautiful with gray slate rooftops and river on its side adds more beauty.
Rotes Haus

There is small museum in the town which showcase the history of Monschau”. It was lovely watching hand craft and stuff there.
Erlebnis museum
Handcraft Museum

One of the main attraction is the Wilhelm Maassen coffee house.
Wilhelm Maassen

Wilhelm Maassen is the Coffee Roasting Company where tourist can watch coffee roasting technique and their machines and also can sip there delicately delicious coffee.
Coffee Machine

While exploring the attractions of village we pass by many decorative shops of arts & crafts.
Traditional Shops in Monschau
Germany Christmas Village

There are plenty of traditional cloth shop in the town, where you can get interesting piece of art. These shops offers handmade clothing and beautiful souvenirs.
Cloth Shops Monschau
Monschau journey

Throughout your journey in the town you can hear the mystical sounds of the flowing River Ruhr.
Places to go in North West Germany Monschau

The whole setting looks magical.
Monschau Photo Journey
Small Church
River Ruhr

There are plenty of food options in Monschau

If you feel hungry than there are plenty of food options in the center of town.
Monschau City Center

The small restaurants are creative in their menu display.
Menu in Restaurants

We had our lunch in Cafe Kaulard. The highlights were the desserts.
Cafe Kaulard
Cafe Kaulard food
Cafe Kaulard Dessert

After lunch we head straight towards the castle up on the hill. To climb up there take stairs next to the Church.
Church Monschau

On the way there are many chic houses.
Monschau timber houses

From the top you can see the whole town.
View from highest point of Monschau Village

By this we concluded our Monschau Photo Journey. There is no other town as beautiful as Monschau in Germany. It is full of eternal beauty, grace, and charm. For more pictures follow us on Instagram

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  1. chetna

    Looks peaceful place. Can be a good choice to have some quality time 🙂

    • Travelpeppy

      Its very peaceful Chetna. Its just amazing to be there with the sound of flowing river throughout the town. It is one of the most quaint and beautiful village of Rhineland in Germany.

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