Floating markets in Bangkok

5 Must-Visit Floating Markets in & around Bangkok

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If you want to experience a cultural surprise in Bangkok, than floating markets are the best place to go. For locals, it is the best place to buy groceries, fresh vegetables & fruits and relish local cuisine but for tourists, it’s a mix of Thai culture & tradition with a topping of some shopping fun and great local food. Imagine you’re sitting in a boat, Thai people in traditional attire passing by you, getting local food cooked in floating kitchens in a boat near you and a vendor selling few wares in a boat next to you, isn’t it fascinating? Definitely, it is. Well, let’s see where you can experience the best floating markets in Bangkok:

Amphawa floating market

Distance from Bangkok- 50 km SW
Opening hours- 8 am-9 pm; Friday-Sunday
Major attraction- Long tail boat trips
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Amphawa is one of the largest floating markets in Bangkok. It is popular for its exotic Thai culture and legitimacy. To get the real feel of the place, take one and a half hour long tail boat trip to indulge in to the surroundings, canals, rivers and nearby tourist attractions.

Amphawa Floating market
Amphawa Floating market

Damnoen Saudak floating market

Distance from Bangkok- 100 km SW
Opening hours- 6 am-12 pm; Daily
Major attraction- Brightly coloured boats and bamboo hats
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Being one of the most popular floating markets in Bangkok, Damnoen Saudak is an exuberant and vibrant market place. To witness its most lively and picturesque setting, it is recommended to reach early in the morning, get a coloured long tail boat, wear a bamboo hat and discover how locals live while exploring the beauty of this place.

Damnoen Saudak floating markets bangkok
Damnoen Saudak floating market

Taling Chan floating market

Distance from Bangkok- 11 km
Opening hours- 7 am-4 pm; Saturday & Sunday
Major attraction- Flowers and seafood

Taling Chan is a district in Thailand making the point obvious that it is one of the most visited and busiest floating markets. Reaching there, you will feel overwhelming and the most welcoming quintessence of this marketplace offering not only a myriad of seafood but also varieties of flowers and home decors.

Taling Chan floating markets bangkok
Taling Chan floating market

Khalong Lat Mayom floating market

Distance from Bangkok- 20 km
Opening hours- 9:30 am-4:30 pm; Saturday-Sunday
Major attraction- Unusual fruits & vegetables

Khlong Lat Mayom ranks amongst top three biggest floating markets in Bangkok. The place has to offer a lot portraying the perfect picture of Thai tradition & culture. While locals visit it to shop unusual fruits and vegetables, foreigners visit it to experience authentic Thai culture.

Bang Nam Phueng floating market

Distance from Bangkok- 20 km E
Opening hours-8 am-2 pm; Friday-Sunday
Major attraction- Thai desserts

Also known as Bangkok’s riverside market, Bang Nam Phueng floating market offers famous Thai desserts. It is an ideal place for those who want to satiate their taste buds with Thai desserts and spend a holiday with family & friends. Besides, Thai delicacies, it also offers traditional clothes and decors.

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