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Colmar Photo Journey

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Colmar Photo Journey will take you the fantasy land of a beautiful French Town of Colmar. It is located 10 mile east of the Rhine River. This magnificent town just seems to be a fairy tale village which has a story book quality in it.

Colmar Photo Journey cobbled streets


It is probably one of the most beautiful town of Alsace region. It was somehow spared in the World wars. We were amazed to see the beauty of the town.
Colmar Canal View

Colmar’s scenic beauty is popular among the tourist from all over the world. Today Colmar not only survives it drives with the 15th and 16th century buildings, rich art treasure and popular cuisine.
Beautiful Square Colmar
Colmar Canal
Charming Colmar

Colmar charm are routed in a wealthy medieval past. Originally Merchants and tradesman build the network of canals through the town which were busy transporting goods but today this canal only adds to the ambiance.
Colmar Journey

And the neighborhood locals call “La Petite Venise” which means the little Venice. You can still ride in the canal today in flat bottom boats.
Fete le Printemps
Decorative Shops Colmar

The architecture in Colmar is stunning many of the buildings are brightly painted, multi storied with half-timbered structures.
Half Timbered houses colmar
Colmar houses

Many buildings are ornamented with frescos, wood carvings and statues. The whole town is walkable. Colmar beauty and charm make it very popular among tourist increasingly from around the world. Many feels it is the most beautiful town.
Shops Colmar Photo Journey
Festive Colmar

This small town is always decorated in festive mood where you can walk in narrow cobbled streets in peace taking pleasure. We visited during the Spring Festival popularly known as “Fête le Printemps“
Decoration in Colmar
Travelpeppy Colmar
Decorations Colmar
Spring Festival Colmar

You can just fell in LOVE with this cute romantic town. It has a tranquil atmosphere and induces a sense of walking through “Alice the wonderland”.
Colmar Photo Journey
Fountain Colmar
Streets Colmar
Colmar France

It is more beautiful than a dream. One feels mesmerized by the Colmar’s charm. Hope you enjoyed our Colmar Photo Journey.
Colmar Old town
Restaurants ColmarColmar Photo Journey Travelpeppy
Beautiful Streets in Colmar
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