Traveling solo as a woman in India

Tips for Travelling as a Solo Woman in India

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Nothing comes without risk, not even travel experiences. Be it a man or a woman there is a risk of theft, of health, of safety during the travel expeditions. But are these reasons capable enough for stopping men from traveling? No! Then why women? Just because they are considered the second sex?

Safety is an important concern when it comes to women travelling solo anywhere in the world. Talking about India, yes it is true that the country has not so good rep in terms of women safety, but this is only the upper layer with which we all have been made familiar to. There are greater depths which show that it can be a safe continent for women travellers as well. Thinking practically, a mishap can take place anywhere, anytime and not only specifically when you are here! So should that stop you from flying? No!

To be well prepared from your side as a woman is your duty and below are a few tips which you must keep into mind for travelling solo in India-

1. Choose Days over Nights

Instead of choosing to stroll during the nighttime, explore as much as you can while the sun is your companion. As it bids a goodbye turn towards your hostel/hotel/homestay. It’s always a good idea to avoid visiting isolated places in the evening. Also, it is better if public transport isn’t taken as a way of commuting at this hour.

2. Trust Your Gut

You need not take chances if your gut doesn’t allow. Remember a woman’s gut can never go wrong. Therefore if you smell something fishy take a step back. It’s necessary for you to take decisions wisely. Keep your eyes and ears open. Listen to your instincts.

3. Your phone is your Best Friend

Make sure that your phone is fully charged when you are out. In case of emergencies you can always call back at the place where you are staying and ask for help. Also, the GPS aids you in knowing the right directions most of the times, so the chances of getting lost decreases.

4. Dress Accordingly

No matter how westernized the country has become there are still places where wearing short length clothes isn’t accepted. Hence, you become the centre of attraction, which isn’t feasible on . Therefore, try restricting yourself to decent clothes like jeans and a t-shirt or kurti if you are someone who loves to wear Indian Clothes, when in such areas.

5. Visit places that are Safer for Solo Women

India is a safe country but exceptions are always there. Kerala, Hampi, Andaman and Nicobar, Jammu and Kashmir, Udaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Puducherry and some parts of Himachal are a few places where women can travel solo fearlessly. So, if you are planning a solo trip, make choice from the places mentioned above.

6. Always be in touch

Keep making calls at your place. This way you won’t feel alone and will be stronger.

7. Learn to Raise your Voice

If you feel something unjust has taken place with you, make voice! Let the people around you know that you are in trouble. This way there are higher chances that the person who messed up with you is caught and given the taste of his own medicine. Do not let go off him.

8. Where to Stay?

Hostels and Homestays are safer options than guest houses and hotels. In hostels, you are likely to find more travellers who can accompany you on your expeditions. In homestays, you live with a family hence you are automatically in safer hands. This warmth cannot be found in either the hotels or the guesthouses.

9. Transportation

Whenever you book a cab, make sure you don’t go for pooling as you never know if the person traveling with your is actually a passenger or a trap. Look after this while you are in an auto too. Do not let the auto driver bring along his so called ‘friend’ with him.

10. Be Sober

When you are out, be in your senses. Do not get drunk heavily a night before your exploration starts or while you are out exploring someplace. It is very important for you to be wide awake!

So here were a few very essential tips if you wish to travel solo in India. Rest we all know experience is the master. You’ll learn about more ways of keeping yourself safe while traveling in the country.

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