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Angkor Wat Photo Journey

Our Angkor Wat Photo Journey will give you the glance of the world’s largest religious monument “The Angkor Wat temple complex”. It was originally built as a Hindu Vishnu temple and was later transformed into a Buddhist temple. The Angkor Wat is spread over 162.6 hectares in capital city Siem Reap of Cambodia.

city of temples cambodia

It is one of the most spectacular temple in the world. When you are in Cambodia it is must to visit the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.
angkor wat photo journey

Angkor Wat means “City of temples”. The temples just take you to the era of Khmer’s kingdom. It is listed in the world’s heritage site.
huge temple complex

This amazing temple complex is easy to reach from city center in around 15 minutes’ drive and also if you are planning to come directly from airport than it will take less than 30 minutes.
angkor wat siem reap


Your journey in Siem Reap depends on number of days you have. Angkor Wat combines around 300 small, big and huge temples.
You can cover Angkor Wat in 1 day in fast track mode by just visiting the most popular temples among them such as Angkor wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm (also famous as tomb raider temple credit goes to Angelina Jolie).
bayon temple cambodia

tomb raider temple

worlds heritage site

Or you can explore every bit of its rich culture and history with 3 days tourist card. As a tourist you can hire a Tuk Tuk or taxi for your whole trip (trust me if you are lucky they are super cool guide too).
photogenic angkor wat temple complex

Buying a ticket or tourist pass for Angkor Wat is a simple process you just need to go to ticket counter (no big queues) and they will provide you a tourist pass with your photograph printed on it. One day tourist pass of Angkor Wat is of 20$ but price is increasing from 20$ to 37$ starting from February, 2017.
bayon angkor wat temple complex

bayon temple in angkor wat complex

The most important is to manage your time of visit to this huge temple as it is quite hot in afternoon. So, better start early with the sunrise and sum-up your tour before afternoon. This is perfect time for Angkor Wat temple.
sunrise at angkor wat cambodia

worlds largest religious monument

Make sure you will carry a water bottle and sunglasses with you it’s quite hot sometimes.

ta prohm siem reap
There are many options to stay in Siem Reap which totally depends on your budget. This time we choose the beautiful Le Meridien Angkor Hotel for our luxurious trip. The Hotel provided the perfect ambiance and magical charm of Cambodia.
ta prohm temple

travelpeppy angkor wat

Hope you like our Angkor Wat photo journey. We must agree it is a brilliant place to capture some of the best shoots of your life. This place is very photogenic and artistic. These are some of our best photographs clicked here, do share your experiences and photographs with us.
travelpeppy siem reap cambodia

The temple complex is very amazing, everywhere you see there is an opportunity for clicking your best shoots. So, here we are sharing some more photographs of this picture perfect place.
beautiful angkor wat temple

beautiful khmer river

era of khmers kingdom

follow me too at angkor wat

great historic temple

huge angkor wat temple complex

khmer empire

khmer temple at angkor

khmers kingdom

major tourist destination angkor wat

siem reap cambodia travelpeppy

siem reap famous temple angkor wat

ta prohm angkor wat

tomb raider famous temple

tomb raider temple angelina jolie

It’s a BIG WORLD out there …. Go EXPLORE….

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