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Krabi Photo Journey

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Our Krabi Photo Journey will give you beautiful glimpse of Thailand’s most visited Island.
Krabi Photo Journey
Krabi is one of the most vibrant tourist destinations in Thailand. Krabi is a coastal province on the western coast of Southern Thailand and is 783 km south of Bangkok by road. The beauty of Krabi lies in stunning limestone cliffs, shiny white sand beaches and superb waterfalls. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places in Thailand.
Ao Nang

Tup Island
Scattered across water and land are the dramatic limestone rock formations which are shaped by winds and ocean. It give the province a unique and fascinating landscape. These smooth limestone cliffs attracts rock climbers from around the world.
Kayaking at Krabi
Ao Nang Island is one of the best Island to stay in Krabi province. If you are staying in a comfortable resort than it is just like icing on a cup cake.
Golden Beach Resort Krabi

Sunny day at Krabi

View from our Resort Ao Nang

Krabi which includes more than 200 islands offers a lot of activates which suits each and everyone’s taste.

Boat Tours to Island
Hidden away among the cliffs and islands are some of the best beaches in Thailand including the renowned Railay Beach. You can book a day trip with any travel agency to visit nearby islands. Also one of the most popular places in the province is Phi Phi Island or Ko Phi Phi. It is one of hundreds of islands which are sprinkled across the water.
Clear water Krabi

Island tour Krabi

Krabi Island hopping

You can take speed boat or long tail boat tour. We had experience both and we must say both the boats have their charm to travel with. Although if you want to experience some solitude, you may need to arrive early.
Speed boat tour Krabi Island

Long tail boat tour Krabi Island

Maya bay Krabi

Below the surface things are just as dramatic. Coral reefs and abundant sea life abound and there are plenty of options for diving and snorkeling.

Cliff Krabi Beach

There are plenty of places to explore in Krabi
Cave of love Krabi

Poda Island

Tup Island to Koh Mor

Long tail boat

Shopping and eating
As a popular tourist destination there are plenty of options for shopping and eating. There are extensive array of ferries and longboats to get you around to all the best locations. This makes it a very easy place for relaxing and enjoying the views.

Evening in Aonang island krabi

Night in Ao nang beach Krabi

One of our favorite quote:
“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

Ao Nang Beach

Experiencing Krabi’s beauty is such an awesome memory for us. Hope you have liked our Krabi Photo Journey. Do visit Thailand’s most magnificent beach destination “Krabi” and enjoy its island tour. Comment if you have something interesting to share from your Krabi travel diary and also share your photographs with us.
Stay fit and Keep travelling.

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